Is a 4 Foot Bong Case Necessary?

So you just bought this monster 4 foot bong (hopefully a ZAM!), and you’re thinking to yourself, “holy shit, I hope this thing doesn’t break”. And you would be right to be concerned.

4 Feet of Fun, 4 Feet of Danger

4 foot bongThe top of the bong is 4 feet in the air, so simply tipping the bong over can result in a dangerous amount of force exerted on the glass. Honestly, I’ve dropped a ZAM 4 footer quite a few times, and I’ve only ever broken one bong. I was always inside, and on either a thin carpet or hardwood floor. This baby will shatter on concrete no problem though, so don't think you're Supreme Patty and that you can chuck this bong in a lake. 

What Kind of Case Do I Need?

Shipping a glass bong of this size isn’t easy. I had to go through a couple different shipments while testing various packaging methods before I figured out how to ship these giant bongs safely. So if you’re looking for a case for the bong, the first thing I would recommend is keeping the ZAM box that it’s shipped in. While you might think to throw it away like any other cardboard box, these big boxes are actually quite hard to come and had to be specially ordered. If you throw it out, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find a box of equal size at your local packaging store. Not only that, but if you ever want to take the bong out with you to a friend’s house, or play roulette and take it to a party, you’ll need something inconspicuous to carry it in. It’s four feet, so there’s no hiding this monster, check out this video of Macdizzle hotboxing a car with a ZAM 4 footer.

Best Way to Store a 4 Foot Bong

The safest place for your bong is packed up nice and warm inside the box it came in. But if you’re ever planning to use thing bong, it’s likely you’ll find it out and about where it could potentially get knocked over. Saying this bong is easy to knock over is an understatement. While it definitely has some good heft to it when it’s full of water, a clumsy push is enough to send this bong tumbling to its death.

Find a Corner in the Room

The second way to almost guarantee your bong stays in one piece is storing it in a corner of the room. This may seem odd, but it’s the best homemade shelf for a glass 4 footer. Maybe you have a plastic 4 foot bong and you simply don’t care, but those with glass need to be more careful; these aren’t cheap bongs.

Bong Mats

While this method won’t guarantee that it doesn’t tip over, a bong mat will make your bong stick to the surface more so it’s a little more effort to knock over the bong. These are a good add-on measure to simply help increase the odds that you’re bong makes it out of every adventure.


These giant bongs are no-doubt dangerous to place in the center of the room. But with a little forethought and planning, your giant glass bong will live to see another day.