This 6 Foot Bong Is Your Spirit Animal

6 foot bongs are designed to wow anyone within viewing distance. While 3 foot bongs and 4 foot bongs have some practicality, there really is no practical reason to have such a large bong.

That being said, these glass towers dominate anyone’s attention, and that includes the media. Here are some giant 6ft bongs seen in the wild.

Can You Hit a 6ft Bong By Yourself?

6 foot glass bong

No, not unless you’re a giant. There are some smaller bongs with the bowl situated higher up on the bong, but those aren’t designed for 6fters.

Plastic 6 Foot Bongs

If glass is too fragile, or too expensive, there are giant plastic bongs available for purchase. They’ll still grab the eye of nearby persons, but as you might expect a plastic bong doesn’t hold the same sense of awe.

What Does a 6 Foot Bong Cost?

Glass six footers are definitely not cheap. You can’t buy them retail simply because they’re too difficult to ship without breaking. We can make them custom, but it will take a couple weeks to make and ship. A glass 6 footer is going to cost $450+ easy. We used to sell 5 footers, but they’re not the worth the effort. Again, if you do want one of these, then send us an email.

What Does a 6 Foot Plastic Bong Cost?

You can buy a plastic six footer for $75+. Most of the cost involved in shipping a bong such as this is the shipping price. The box itself is more expensive than you may realize.

Here's a video of our 4 foot bong!

Where to Buy 6 Foot Bong

These tall bongs are rare to find. Unlike mass manufactured glass pieces, these have to be made custom. The issue is that glass blowers don’t ship their pieces online, and generally don’t have websites that are easy to find. 3rd party websites are available, but it’s still difficult to find a bong of this size. ZAM is one of the only brands where you can buy giant bongs online.  

How to Store a 6 Foot Bong?

In a very safe space. The 4 footer can survive a fall or two if you’re lucky, but there’s little chance a bong of this size will survive a free standing fall. Just as we suggest in the article on our 4 foot bongs, a corner of the room is the best spot to store your tall bong when you aren’t using it.