Amazing 3 Foot Bongs You Need

Life can be short, why buy one of those normal looking standard bongs that everyone else has? Lets be different. A person with a three foot bong is definitely different, and you’ll be sure to attract attention whipping this bad boy out. 

It won’t attract as much attention as our other 4 foot bong, but it’ll do the trick if you’re just trying to make a statement and don’t want to go too crazy.


almost 3 foot bong

Not only that, but with a 3 foot bong you have the chance of being able to light it yourself. The 4 footer requires a friend or some serious skills to light, and while this is a lot of fun with a group of people, it can be annoying if you’re just trying to take a bong rip.

Do 3 Foot Bongs Hit Harder?

Yes, but not for reasons you may think. I spoke about this a little in the article discussing our 4 ft bong, but a 3 footer requires a large breath that will force your lungs to expand, causing more THC to absorb into your lungs. Think about it, how often do you take a deep thorough breath for a bong rip? For many, it’s a big breath, but you aren’t challenging the volume of your lungs. The difference between taking a bong rip from a 1ft bong and 3ft bong is substantial and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Does a 3 Foot Bong Need a Bong Case?

Yes. Your 36 inch bong was likely a hefty penny, why not protect it? A giant bong like this is going to be extremely easy to knock-over, so while it’s not in use a bong case is a good idea. If you don’t have a bong case, keep the box your 3fter was sent it.

Or, invest in a thick bong like our 30 inch 9mm thick glass beaker bong which is made in the good ol' USA . It's not 3 feet, but it's close!

Is a 3FT Bong a Good Idea?

Only you can really answer that question. Are you looking to buy a bong for regular use? If so, a 3fter is probably not the best choice. But if you’re just looking for a cool bong that’s rare, that’s a blast to hit with a group of friends, then look no further. After all, it's better than buying a 6 foot bong

You've probably seen this video of the lung buster 30 inches of doom. Doesn't that look fun? 

How Much Does a 3 Foot Bong Cost?

Well, this depends on the brand, but you can expect to pay at least $200 dollars for a 3fter. It’s expensive to manufacture, expensive to package, and expensive to ship — not to mention they’re rare, so expect to pay a little more than a standard height bong. Bongs of this size also need special equipment to make which ups the price as well.


A 3 foot glass bong isn’t the most practical bong you can choose, but it could be the right choice if you’re one of those people looking for a novelty fun piece rather than one for every day use. It really just depends on what you want.