These Cool LED Bongs Will Light Up Your Heart

There are so many different types of bongs, from cheap ones under $25, to gigantic 4 footers, the list goes on. But something not often seen is an LED bong. It used to be that bongs were hidden away from the general public, and while that may still be the case for some, others of us want to show-off our glowing beautiful water pipes with pride.

How Do LED Bongs Work?

You don’t want electronics anywhere near the humid water vapor that resides inside bongs. That’s why LEDs are often placed under the base.

LED BongLED Bong Pads

Tastes change, and when you don’t want your bong to light up all pretty-like you might be shit out of luck if you purchase a bong with built in LED lights. The worst case is that the electronics become a useless eyesore.

An alternative is to buy LED pads that simply sit under the bong and projects the light up. These are easily removable, mobile, and best off all — cheap. These can be found for $20 on Amazon.

How Much Do LED Bongs Cost?

LED water bongs aren’t very expensive because LEDs themselves are cheap, and most glass is transparent in the first place so not much has to be done for them to be implemented into designs. There aren’t any popular name brand LED bongs either, so most are really just novelty pieces. The best LED bong would be one with a specifically designed body so the LED lights penetrate throughout the entire bong.

Different LED Brands

led bong padThe most well-known is Grace Glass, but the truth is their bong simply has the same little LED pads fitted underneath the bong. Many types of bongs have an oval space available under the bong, and that’s where these LED pads are placed.


LED bongs sound cool, but they aren’t very practical. Well, a built-in LED is not practical, but something that attaches to the outside of the bong however might be a good choice. There are options to control the color as well as speed of the lights. These lights can look awesome in the dark, at parties, or just to liven up a dull mood.