Why Are Mushroom Bongs So Popular?

There’s something about the mushroom shape and bongs that just fit hand-in-hand. Like ooze/rain drops, it’s a shape that seems to signify and portray the whole psychedelic scene. From Mushroom dab rigs to mushroom pipes, it’s a pretty common design.

So common, that you may be overwhelmed as your search for the coolest version of these, because, as we’ve said, there are a lot of variations of the mushroom design.

Where to Buy a Mushroom Bong

As you can expect, you can buy a mushroom bong off the regular popular headshops: Grasscity, SmokeCartel, Dankstop, etc. But many of these designs are just knock-offs and lack the subtle grace that differentiates one piece from another, although you won't find any of these bongs for under $25

Heady Glass or Not?

It’s an odd question, but this choice will determine how much you’re goiceramic mushroom bongng to pay. Heady glass, glass made by an American manufacture, is going to be a lot more expensive than a mass produced piece. So the real question is: do you want a custom piece, or a mass produced one?

Check out Empire Glass Works 

Ceramic mushroom bong

These bongs aren’t as attractive as glass mushroom bongs, but they have a distinct style that have caused them to grow in popularity. While glass bongs are sometimes seen as gaudy stoner culture, ceramic is more “high class”, and is more likely to share space on shelf.

Mushroom Perk Bong

Mushroom-shaped perks have a special place in my heart. It looks awesome as the smoke filters out of the mushrooms. Mushrooms are psychedelic’s best mushroom perk bongfriend in terms of identity, so it really is the prefect perk for stoners. These cute bongs also have a special place in my heart. 

Pink Mushroom Bong

The ladies love the pink color, and that includes cute pink mushroom bongs. Pink colored bongs are more rare, but there are a couple. Check out this pink bong with a mushroom shaped perk, a perfect gift for Valentine’s day!


These bongs are really just a stylistic choice that a few brands have adopted as their own. You can choose between heady, more expensive glass,…or foreign made glass that will work fine but will be missing much of the artistic class that makes these bongs pop. That being said, heady bongs can be expensive, so choose wisely.