Top 10 Cutest Bongs for Sale

There are so many different types of bongs available for sale. From 4 footers to spooky Halloween bongs, the number of unique designs continues to rise. For a while, most of the market was centered of selling bongs designed for stoners in the dark.

Brands didn’t specialize in their designs because the legal market was small, but now as legalization has flourished so too has specialized bongs designed for certain demographics. This is true for women’s bongs too. While what can be considered a “woman’s bong” is definitely opinionated, there are a couple cute bongs that are undeniably made for her.

Common Characteristics of a Pretty Bong

There are a couple common characteristics that define a cute bong. You may cute bongsnot agree as “cute” is entirely opinionated, but some ideas are generally the same, and that’s that they should be pretty.  

These bongs won't be cheap though, so if you're looking for something like that, check out this article on cheap bongs under $25. 

Pink Bongs

There’s something nice about the combination of pink and glass, the two colors appeal to each other’s strengths and this no more obvious than in cannabis glass accessories. Thankfully the market has started to understand the people’s love for pink, and now you can find pink cannabis accessories all over the place.

Floral Patterns

Flowers are without a doubt, cute. These gorgeous colorful floral patterns can make any bong stand out in a room. Everyone has garish or plain everyday bongs, but a water pipe with a nice sunflower will set you apart from the pack.

Smaller in Size

I don’t  think anyone has ever looked at a giant 4 foot bong bong and said, “that thing is too cute”! Big ol’ bongs generally aren’t the most adorable things. Here’s a couple nice cute tiny bongs that might fulfill your wishes.

Artistic Design

There are too many different bong designs to count, but many of these are just plain old glass. Don’t get me wrong, these bongs have their place and can look classy in the right situation, but there are a few designer bongs that have tried to set themselves apart. There are even some glass companies designing products solely for women. This is big deal considering the vast majority of cannabis products are marketed towards men while women make up a significant portion of yearly cannabis sales.

cute mushroom bongsNo Basic Bitch Designs

Just to make sure we’re clear, no basic bitch every-day bong designs that you’ll see on everyday stores. You didn’t come here for average pieces, you’re here for the different pieces that will make you squeal with delight. If a softy kitty wrapped in a warm blanked could be a bong, that’s what we’re personifying in our bongs.  

Celebrity Bongs That Are Cute

Some fashion forward marketing gurus have realized the gap in the market in regards to women-focused cannabis products and have started premier counter-culture companies focused on feministic characteristics. Here are a couple of those brands:

Animal Bongs

Ignore those other bongs, and look at these animal-inspired bongs. You’ve no doubt seen the elephant pipe, well now check out these other cute animal bongs.

Kitty Bongs

What's better than a small cute bong designed like a kitty? 

Panda Bongs

Loveable, adorable, and goofy pandas are some of the best animal bongs you can find. 

Cute Bong Bags

Bongs are usually made out of a fragile material like glass or ceramic, so a bong bag might be a good idea you find yourself going on trips often. Won’t your bong be sad if it's not taken along? Take it with you using a cushioned cute bong bag!