These Modern Grinders Don't Belong in Your Kitchen

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, it is a naturally occurring plant after all. And many years ago a cannabis grinder was invented to help prepare herb

modern grinderto be smoked for efficiently. Surprisingly this design wasn't improved upon for hundreds of years until only recently when the sector exploded in growth. 

However this classic design is still found in many grinders sold today. But like with most things, the recent explosion of opportunity in the cannabis sector has led some to re-think grand-pa’s old weed grinder with something a little new, a little more advanced. 

What Are You Looking for in a Modern Herb Grinder?

If you’re looking for a modern grinder in regards to meal preparation, you might want to look away because we ain’t talkin’ bout no damn food-stuffs here. Here we be talkin’ bout weed. That icky-sticky that makes your eyes so red, they make Rudolph jealous. Maybe you're wondering, why do you even need a weed grinder? 

Modern Grinding Mechanisms

Today’s cannabis consumers of the 21st century have a couple different options when it comes to new grinding designs. You have the common cutter with spikes or blades, you’ve got the horizontal blade slicer and then most recent of all, the toothless pressure activated types. All of these new and cool grinders can be found in this article discussing the top grinder brands on the market.

New Opening and Closing Mechanisms

When people think of all the weed grinders available in the world and they most important aspects of those grinders, the first thing most people mention of is the grinding mechanism. We just did, it’s important…but another aspect often forgotten yet vital to the pleasurable experience that is a modern grinder — is simply how the grinder is opened or closed.

Think about it, besides actually grinding your weed, the most common movement you’re going to perform is simply opening the grinder. One of the greatest improvements of the modern herb grinder is the ability to open and close effortlessly, without jamming, and without turning your grinder into a puzzle.

Here are a couple variations in design in regards to how the grinder is kept together.

Standard Threads

The common design utilized to keep a grinder closed. This may seem like a simple topic, but there are a couple different variations in threaded grinders as well. First off is the thread count, or simply how long it takes to unwind your grinder. Who wants to keep spinning your grinder like a top, we just want the weed damn it! A modern grinder has developed solutions to this common problem.

Reducing Thread Count

The first and most simple improvement found is a reduction in the thread count so your grinder takes less revolutions to open and close.

Quick-lock mechanism

Some of the best grinder brands have developed a locking mechanism that, while still in the threaded genre, are made a little differently. No full revolution, instead these quick-lock grinders have a ¼ turn to minimize the amount of work and supposedly prevent jamming.  

Thread-less, and Completely Magnetic

One of the most recent, if not the most recent improvement of modern grinder design is the common use of magnets to close weed grinders. Standard threads, even quick-locks ones, can be aggravating despite brand’s best attempts as they can still get stuck from stray weed particulates.

Completely magnetic, also known as “thread-less”, weed grinders solve that issue by creating a magnetic lock between each section. Though this design is definitely more difficult to manufacture and therefore more expensive, many find this new luxurious characteristic pivotal to maximizing their grinding experience. 

Swivel Tray

Another new, but not-yet popular, grinder design is the swivel tray. Perfect for one-handed or disabled cannabis patients, the swivel tray provides an easy way to access your cannabis without the need for multiple appendages or the complex wrist movements associated with a standard threaded grinder.  

New Aspect – Material Type & Color

Another characteristic important to today’s top grinders is material type. Whether you decide to use a plastic, zinc, aluminum, or steel grinder is up to you, but your choice could significantly impact the grind quality, and perhaps even your health. Or maybe you just have low standard and want a pink, girly weed grinder? Is that what you had in mind? 


Top grinder brands of today have developed many new designs that solve most of the common issues with older grinder versions. This isn’t your grand-ma Sally’s weed grinder she had in college. These are better, and wayyy more expensive. Isn’t that great!?