Weed Jar Grinder - Combining a Mason Jar and a Grinder

What is a Weed Jar Grinder?

Some of us like to nibble on our cannabis, while others like to wolf it down like they have an endless supply. Maybe that’s you?  A weed jar grinder’s purpose is to combine two separate actions into one through combining two different products: a mason jar, and a weed grinder.

That’s a complicated way of saying some people were tired of grinding their weed with a normal grinder only to then dump it into a separate jar for storage. A weed jar grinder does all that in one step.

Some Would Call You Lazy, Others Would Call You Smart

weed jar grinderLet’s be honest, an all-in-one grinder/jar isn’t the most pivotal product in your collection of cannabis accessories. Without papers, you aren’t going to be smoking a joint unless you’re one of those people that likes to roll joints with shoe-box paper (For you Tide-pod eaters, that’s a joke, please don’t do this).

But if you don’t have a jar grinder, it’s not the end of the world. Scissors, a penny in a bottle, your good ol’ fashioned hands—you have options to grind your weed if you’re creative. Read more on how to grind weed without a grinder


Main Benefit of a Weed Jar Grinder

No the real benefit of grinding directly into a jar is long term storage. If you’re grinding up a gram, grinding such a small amount into a jar is relatively pointless.

But for those of us with our big-boy pants, a jar, usually a mason jar, can store large amounts of weed without it drying out and losing potency. But! And this important, it must be UVA proof, aka – it must prevent any light from entering the container. Does grinding weed reduce potency? 

If you're someone that grinds up a lot of cannabis at once, and then likes to store it away, then this might be a good choice. It saves you the time, the mess, and the monotonous, repetitive act of grinding up smaller amounts only to dump it out and start over.

Want to learn more about the pros and cons of grinding your weed?

Does Weed Degrade in a Mason Jar Grinder?

Yes, the longer your weed is subject to oxygen and light, your weed will start to degrade. This is true even for a mason jar grinder, so keep that in mind. The best way to preserve your weed while maximizing potency is to only grind a small amount at a time right before burning/vaping the weed.

If you want to get real pedantic about it, even the nugs should be kept in an air-tight, UVA-proof container before grinding. Some jars are designed this way, but the classic, clear glass mason jar is not. It might be nostalgic thinking back to your high school dealer’s house with jars of schwag lined up in clear glass mason jars, but that’s for showing off, not for efficiently storing weed. 

Weed Jar Grinder with a Light

weed jar with lightThese are cool, no doubt, but you have a decision to make — style or function? If we’re considering the purpose of a light in a weed container, it’s so you can take a gander at your colorful fruity choco double dipped lemon haze strain while others look on in envy. But, we would be giving up some function. Any light that enters a weed container is going to deprive you of previous THC. Do you care to maximize potency and flavor, or do you want stylish display of strains?

Different Weed Jar Grinders Available

The cannabis space is exploding with new cannabis accessories and the need to grind and store your weed is nothing revolutionary. But now that everything is coming into the light, we don’t have the heavy stigma associated with weed as we used to. Not everywhere at least.

So now brands are eager to help, so long as you’re willing to part with a little cash. Here are a few brands that sell weed jar grinders.




The main use of a weed jar grinder is combining two time consuming actions into one. Save yourself from the burden of grinding and transferring gram after gram. You have a couple options to choose from, check out the grinders we sell