Different Unbreakable Bongs - Glass, Silicone, and Metal

There’s almost nothing that can recreate that giant bong rip we all know and adore. We go into a headshop or we look online for a piece we plan to cherish forever, and then a clumsy friend knocks it over two weeks after you bought it. Heartbroken and annoyed you buy another but vow to keep this one safe — and it breaks too.

unbreakable bongSo here you are. You want a bong that won’t break, you want an unbreakable, indestructible bong. A 4 foot bong is the furthest thing from your mind, and thankfully you have a couple choices, but there isn’t a long list. You’ll first need to understand the different types of unbreakable bongs, and then you can choose among the most popular brands among the types.

Unbreakable Glass Bongs

Glass is the most popular type of bong because of aesthetics and because it’s easy to clean. It’s also the most fragile material bongs are made from, usually. A standard bong is ~ 5mm thick, but the indestructible glass bongs on this list are 9mm thick or more.

Top Brands of Unbreakable Glass Bongs

Unbreakable Silicone Bongs

One of the newer types of bongs to enter the market are silicone bongs. Silicone is a non-stick material that’s often used to store dabs and other sticky materials. Cannabis resin or tar, the black stuff that builds up in your bong, is easier to clean off silicone than wood or plastic bongs. The truth is pretty much any silicone water pipe is going to be unbreakable. The bowl might not be, but the main tube will be.

Top Brands of Unbreakable Silicone Bongs

Unbreakable Metal Bongs

The newest type of unbreakable bong is made out of metal. There are stainless steel water pipes that will not break not matter what you do which is the whole point you’re here. These metal bongs also retain cold temperatures better, meaning that putting ice in your bong lasts a lot longer.

Top Brands of Unbreakable Metal Bongs

What Does an Unbreakable Bong Cost?

An unbreakable bong will last you a lifetime, and you might need to be prepared to pay for that. A silicone bong will be your best choice if cost is your greatest concern as metal and glass can be hundreds of dollars each. But ask yourself, how many bongs have you gone through already? Perhaps the overall lifetime value warrants the price?

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You have glass, silicone, and metal for material type, and multiple brands in each type to choose from. These bongs are designed to take any beating you’ll give and still come out on top. That doesn’t mean these pieces don’t hit like a truck, these beats still perform as you might expect.

The real downside is unbreakable bongs must have simple designs without perks to keep them indestructible. So the choice is up to you: do you want multiple perks and a flashy design? Or an unbreakable bong that you can hand down through the family for generations?

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