Are Expensive Weed Grinders Worth It?

Frankly, this depends on the person. You might be surprised to hear me say that considering I own, but that’s the truth. Depending on the price and how much cannabis you think you’ll smoke, the answer to this question will vary.

First off, let’s start with high quality, name brand weed grinders. These are the grinders that would be considered “expensive”.

They’re usually made out of a stronger material and have unique features that a cheap weed grinder could only wish for. The ZAM grinder is one such grinder. At only 1.1” inches in diameter, this grinder is down-right useful for people that microdose, or those who just want a super versatile pocket-able weed grinder. But if you partake only a couple times a year, do you really need a unique, more costly grinder?

Common Chef Analogy

“Are expensive grinders worth it?” — This isn’t an uncommon question for those shopping for a new weed grinder. You start to question whether the materials matter, the design matters, and even the aesthetics. At the end of the day you only need it to grind some weed, right?

You only need to cut some food, so why use a sharper knife? You could ask that question to a chef and they would immediately scoff at you and wonder who let you in. The benefits of a high quality knife seem obvious for one preparing food all day; It makes the preparation and overall job of cooking, easier. It’s the same thing with cannabis grinders.

It's the Same with Cannabis

Cannabis is a sticky, sometimes dense, and sometimes wet material. A high quality grinder can make the painful experience of grinding your weed a breeze. With a cheaper grinder your bud might stick to the teeth, clog the drop-through holes, and reek up any surrounding room. So if you’re likely to use your grinder day-in and day-out, why use a poorly functioning grinder with clogged screens, jammed threads, and broken teeth?

Disability and Wrist Issues

There’s more importance surrounding the ability to use a grinder than most people realize. Individuals with medical conditions like arthritis may find it difficult to use lower quality weed grinders because if their inability to easily grind weed, the poor proportions of grinder design, and teeth design that obviously lacks empirical testing.

Fashion First

expensive weed grinderJust as those with medical requirement may find better-use with one of the best weed grinders, fashion-forward people may want something more aesthetically pleasing. Maybe you’re looking for a girly weed grinder? Or perhaps a cool weed grinder? Maybe something more modern?

Unique Designs

Form follows function, and that’s certainly true with some grinders. Some grinders, like the ZAM, are built with patent-pending improvements not seen in any other grinder on the market. If these grinders have features that you’re looking for, a more expensive grinder might be the best choice.


So to answer the question, are expensive grinders worth it? An expensive grinder is “worth it”, if you plan to regularly consume cannabis, and find the act of grinding cannabis difficult and annoying. A high quality, expensive grinder will solve that problem. Check out this list of weed grinder brands