Wooden Weed Grinders

While metal and plastic weed grinders are more common, wooden weed grinders still hold a place in many people's hearts. For a lot of folks, especially those a little older, a wooden grinder might have been the first grinder you owned. But as the cannabis legalization movement has gained steam, wooden weed grinders have taken a back seat. Why is this?

Are Wooden Weed Grinders Any Good?

wooden weed grinderThey'll work. But then again so will a plastic weed grinder from your nearest gas station. The questions is, "what are you trying to accomplish with your weed grinder"? This may seem like a dumb question — It's just a weed grinder after all. But a person looking to buy a wooden grinder generally isn't just looking for "something that works". Wooden grinders are about style. While plastic grinders look cheap and metal grinders can be a glaring eye-sore, wood grinders can find themselves naturally fitting in between your other living room décor. For those looking for a grinder that doesn't look like a grinder, a wooden one may be your best choice.

What Does a Wooden Weed Grinder Cost?

Like any other product sold, the cost of a wooden weed grinder will depend on a combination of the design, brand, and material choice. Now wooden grinders are generally cheaper than metal or plastic, but that has been changing with the proliferation of name-brand luxury weed grinders. Now you can expect to pay $10-$90 for a wooden grinder. The $10 grinder is definitely going to be on the cheap end, and the $90 is simply expensive or a wooden grinder. But at that price what's being improved upon is the style and décor rather than new ground-breaking features.

Different Types of Wooden Grinders

There aren't many different types of wood grinders when it comes to grinding weed. Metal grinders have a massive amount of variations, but wood grinders tend to all be built in roughly the same way. This is because they're limited more in designed abilities. Wood can be relatively brittle when thin, which limits a lot of what you can do. Wooden grinders also tend to be small. Check out this grinder on the best mini weed grinder! 

Teeth Design of Wood Grinders

The teeth of a wooden grinder are generally metal pins or fat wooden pyramids. The popular teeth designs you see in metal grinders are too thin for wood, so these are the preferred choices. Besides that, you won't much different variation in how a wooden grinder functions. Two piece wood grinders are very popular among the older crowd because of their classic look and easy use.

Do Wood Grinders Come With Kief Screens?

Yes, some do, but many don't. The preferred material type for two-piece grinders seems to be wooden grinders. The person looing for a simple two-piece is often the same type of person happy to use a wooden cannabis grinder. Looking for the best grinder for kief

Where to Buy a Wooden Grinder?

You should be able to find wooden grinders in your nearest headshop, but if you don't feel like trekking down to the store, there are multiple online headshops that sell all different types of weed grinders. Wooden ones are a little bit more rare, so it might be a good idea to call ahead and see if they have any for sale.

How to Clean a Wooden Weed Grinder

Isopropyl alcohol is the recommended solution to cleaning a metal weed grinder, but wooden grinders are made from significantly weaker, albeit more natural, material. A simple soap solution is the right choice when it comes down to giving the ol'girl a little bath.


If you're looking for a wooden herb grinder, then you're likely looking for a grinder that won't stand out garishly sitting on your counter-top. Like a nice watch or a new pair of shoes, a wooden grinder is an accessory that doubles as a fashion statement. And while they're aesthetically pleasing, you should know there are other grinders made from stronger materials better suited to tackling dense herbs. It all depends on what you're looking for. Maybe instead you want a steel weed grinder that will last forever? Or, check out the list of top grinder brands for sale